Shane Prigmore on creating Jack Frost:

"As we started to brainstorm and discuss all of the characters and a potential story for all of them to live in, it QUICKLY became clear that Jack Frost just seemed out of place and out of his league amongst these other superstars of childhood mythology. What did Jack Frost do to earn his position as a Guardian, and what does he really do for Children anyway?

"So we all thought out loud “What if North, Tooth, Bunny, and Sand Man all felt the same way about Jack Frost that we do?” Maybe Jack is NOT a Guardian. What if Jack was just a neutral outsider living his own life wanting nothing to do with the Guardians or Pitch at all?

"In late 2008 there was a request to give Jack a more "current" look. The idea was that since Jack has been around for many years, he would find articles of clothing from whatever time period he is living in at the moment and create his own mix match look.

Prigmore shed some light on the origins of Jack Frost and now we know why he’s got a blue hoodie and tossled hair! I’d like to see some fan art of Jack Frost’s changing wardrobe throughout history e.g. Revolutionary War attire, Victorian era, WWI, retro-shirt for the ‘50’s and 60’s, etc.